The damage to your vehicle is generally paid by your car insurance company.  Some insurance agents refer to collision coverage as “option one,” or “full coverage.”

Collision coverage pays you for the damage to your car regardless of fault.  This payment is made by your insurance company.  Collision coverage does not pay for damage to anyone else’s property.  That’s called “Property Damage Coverage.”

To begin this process you should contact your insurance company and either request an appointment for an appraisal or arrange to bring your car to a drive-in appraisal if your car is safely drivable.

If you do not have collision coverage on your car, you may be able to make a claim against the other driver’s insurance for the appraisal of your vehicle, however, the other insurance company will only pay if they conclude that you were not at fault for the collsion.

If your car was placed in storage after the accident, you need to make arrangements to move your car or you may be held responsible for excessive storage fees.